How art has become a game changer

The changing game: In the academic field, which developed as knowledge it came to be known as by the early 19th century, female artists have always been relegated to either the role of muse or subject matter. It was this lack of acknowledgement that gave way to the current phenomenon … Read more

Excellence in Meditation

To find the “excellence in meditation”, we should first understand the nature of excellence and how it relates to meditation. The main difference between excellence and mediocrity is that excellence is measured on the basis of what an individual can do for themselves. By comparing a person’s performance with one’s … Read more

Fine art companies blooming

You would have come across Fine art companies in Bloomington, Indiana. It is a place where you will find some of the finest artists. It is a place that you can learn about what fine art is all about. Art is a fine art and it is the work of … Read more

Companies vs Travel

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