What is a Hypothesis

A hypothesis (singular hypothesis) is simply an idea that is given as a basis for a future study. In fact, a hypothesis is not much different than a prediction about a future event. A hypothesis has to be supported by empirical evidence in order for it to become a scientific … Read more

What Is A Boomer

What is a Boomer? Baby Boomers is the demographic following Generation X. The origin of this term as a term of derision is “okay boomer” which might seem like a very long time coming, but in fact it’s been an ongoing thing. The first Boomers were born between the wars, … Read more

How art has become a game changer

The changing game: In the academic field, which developed as knowledge it came to be known as by the early 19th century, female artists have always been relegated to either the role of muse or subject matter. It was this lack of acknowledgement that gave way to the current phenomenon … Read more

Game changers in the Travel Industry

A lot of people wonder what the most Game Changers in Travel industry is. In fact, a lot of people have asked me that exact same question. In the following paragraphs I will try and define what constitutes a Game Changer and will also explain why you should look for … Read more