Obtaining Your Business License

Yes, likely, you will also need a business license to run your business legally in your city or county. But you might still be wondering what types of business licenses you really need and which licenses are just unnecessary to get started. In this article, we’ll show you all the … Read more

Developing a Business Strategy For Competitive Firms

What are the keys to developing an effective business strategy? A business strategy is a document that describes the strategies adopted by a company to achieve certain set goals. Its key role is to guide and direct a company towards achieving these goals. As such, business strategy is a crucial … Read more

Corporate Protection Through Corporate Veil Contracts

Corporations have an asset base, which represents the value of their corporate assets. These assets include goodwill and long-term investments. In comparison to the personal assets of a corporation, the corporate assets tend to be more liquid. That is, they are easily liquidated in times of distress. On the other … Read more

How to Calculate Free Cash Flow

Free cash flow is simply the measure of funds moving in and out of a particular company’s bank account during a specified period of time. Free cash flow, also called net income, is the money left over after the business has paid all of its expenses and overhead (capital expenditures … Read more

How to Write a Memo That Fits Your Business Writing Style

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Goal Setting – What Is The Best Way To Set Financial Goals?

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A Review of the Income Approach to GDP

The Expenses, Income Approach (EGD) is a four step process to achieving a sustainable economic growth. It has been developed by a group of eminent economists including Robert Kaplan, Nobel Prize winner Professor Hilaire Belloc, Frankcks, David Norton. The purpose of the Approach is to show that there are three … Read more

3 Great Business Ideas For Small Businesses

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