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Who We Are ::

CAID Board of Trustees

 Dr. Phillip Olla, Chairman





 Aaron Timlin, President and CEO





Vacant, Treasurer

Vacant, Secretary

 JenClare Gawaran, Senior Executive Vice President





photo of byron nemela Byron Nemela, Executive Vice President





Jaclyn Strez, Executive Vice President





Lauren Hood

 Jon Pickell





 Myett Risker





Nick Tobier


CAID Executive Officers

Aaron Timlin, President and CEO

JenClare Gawaran, Senior Executive Vice President

Byron Nemela, Executive Vice President

Jaclyn Strez, Executive Vice President

Dr. Phillip Olla, Vice President of Digital Media and Technology

Nick Tobier, Vice President of Facilities

Vacant, Vice President of Development

Vacant, Vice President of Marketing and PR

Vacant, Vice President of Membership


Roles and Responsibilities

The President and CEO of CAID reports to and serves on the board of directors of CAID.  The presidents of each division report to the CAID president and serve on the board as non voting members in an Executive Vice President position.  The other CAID Vice Presidents also report directly to the President.  Treasurers will be responsible for all finances, budgets, and bookkeeping.  Secretaries will be responsible for keeping minutes of meetings, scheduling meetings, and maintaining files as well as maintaining a book of policies and procedures.  Division treasurers and secretaries will report to CAID treasurer and secretary respectively, who report to both the CAID board and President.  Vice Presidents of Membership, Development, Facilities, Marketing and PR and Digital Media and Technology for each division will report to the CAID vice presidents in the same role.  The presidents of each division will be responsible for planning and implementing the programs and operations of their division.  The CAID chairperson is responsible for chairing the meetings of the board, organizing and coordinating the board’s activities, such as by setting its annual agenda, and reviewing and evaluating the performance of the CEO and the other board members.  The chairperson will also serve the important role of representative to the outside world and CAID’s spokesperson.